Art Templates

Teardrop Flag Templates

7' Teardrop Flag

11' Teardrop Flag

15' Teardrop Flag

Unipole Flag Template

3' x 8' Unipole Flag

10x10 Canopy Tent Template

10x10 Canopy Tent

Art Upload Instructions

Art Templates

For large art files!

Emails can only send files as large as up to 6MB.

Any files larger than that will need to be sent to our DropBox provided by

To upload large files to National Banner, open the link below and follow the instructions.

On your purchase order, please indicate that the art has been uploaded to the DropBox.

Provide the name and email address you would like the proofs sent to.

Please note, failing to provide all of this information can cause delay in processing your order.

If you have questions or need additional information about one of our many exciting products feel free to reach out to our talented customer service team.



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